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I love stickie notes. They are so useful in so many ways. We used them a lot with my Mom. Sometimes she would take them down and throw them away. Sometimes she would write back on the note in very small handwriting. but most of the time they were very helpful to all of us. So grab some stickies and a marker and write a few notes.

Mom used to constantly say she already drank water when we tried to get her to drink. Sometimes she would water the plants with the water she was supposed to drink (I saw her) or just throw it out the door. So we started to give her water or decaf tea or crystal light in this big mug. She like the straw and the top is kind of hard to get off. We really didn’t realize how easy it is to get dehydrated and for a person living with dementia it makes their symptoms worse when they are dehydrated.
We would leave a not on the inside of her bedroom door. Otherwise sometimes I would open the door and find her just sitting on her bed. She said, ” I don’t know what i am supposed to do next. ”
Sometimes this would work. Sometimes it didn’t. For many years she wore her watch my Dad gave her and she could tell time easily. So this was helpful. Other times she knew she was going somewhere and wanted to go! If that was the case, I could redirect her back to the kitchen counter for some coffee and toast with jam or she just wanted to sit out front on the porch.
No matter what. It’s always nice to be thanked. We would leave it there because she would forget she had done the dishes and get angry if we did them. So every time she came into the kitchen she could she our Thank you.
From the moment we all moved in, the coffee mugs were kept in the same cabinet. But after a while she would just open every cabinet looking for them. So we stuck a stickie to remind her. After a while my husband had to also draw a mug. And then we just left her favorite mug next to the coffee maker.
Sometimes you need to remind them.

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