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Virginia’s To Do List

My Mom was a homemaker extraordinaire. She was always busy with doing something. It seemed if she had finished all her housework then she baked something for church or the neighbors.

She was never used to ritual. Everything was different almost every day. So we kept to her life story and this was good for her. Albeit some things maintained the same. We didn’t move furniture around or change the cabinet mugs were in the kitchen. But we did keep her days busy with normal things to do.

We put this dry eraser board in the kitchen. Her seat at the kitchen counter was just to the right of this board. There were many years that she worked off this board. If I forgot to write her list she got really sad and didn’t know how to ask for a list.

We had to keep it consistent with her abilities as they changed. Even this To Do list I had to be in the kitchen when she was cutting carrots (by the way we pre-boiled them, so she could use a butter knife.) I needed to be nearby so I could reassure her.

And we tried to make a list that her her sitting down and getting up. She had swelling in her legs and would tire easily and not rest.

It made her happy. She felt needed and was needed. She saw it wasn;t just busy work.

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