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Know How

Our Know-How section is a collection of short videos or other content about moments in your daily life that you may experience that show different ways of approaching those moments.

Body Mechanics: Sitting to Standing

Sometimes a person you are caring for may need assistance standing. They may not always need help. It may be because they have been sitting for a while and just can’t “get going” as my Mom used to say. Or maybe they don’t feel well. Or maybe they have…

Body Mechanics: Talking to Yourself

It may sound silly. But thinking through the steps you need to take before you do them can help you out in a lot of situations. Watch as Tina thinks through the (seemingly) simple task of helping Alphie stand up and come to the table for lunch. SIDE NOTE:…

Body Mechanics: What to do if someone falls?

It’s probably going to happen at some point. Someone may trip on the edge of a rug or over their shoes or maybe they just lose their balance as they are stepping off a curb. It is good to know what to do if it does happen….
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No Shower, thank you

Sometimes the hardest thing is assisting with personal care, especially showers or baths. What can you do when the person says NO. Are there different ways to approach taking a shower that might make it more appealing? Are there things that the person likes? warm towels? a favorite scent?…