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Know How

Our Know-How section is a collection of short videos or other content about moments in your daily life that you may experience that show different ways of approaching those moments.

Visiting Virtually

We created this because of the COVID virus to help families and communities on how to visit. But a lot of this is relevant for anytime….
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How is dementia diagnosed?

Our friend Sonya Barsness gives us insight into how and why to get an accurate diagnosis of dementia. We need to not assume it is dementia because it may be a condition that has some of the same symptoms….
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Sharing the diagnosis

Should doctors tell the person their diagnosis? Should we as family members tell our loved ones? Our friend Sonya Barsness gives us some answers to complicated questions….

What is Respite Care?

This video is by our friend Daphne Johnston at Respite For All Foundation. After working 15 years as an executive director in senior living administration, Daphne Johnston was happy to step into the non-profit world of the faith community. She was asked to develop a volunteer model to provide…
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Finding the Why

If your loved one suddenly stops wanting a shower, there is most likely a reason or a why behind it. Here is a short video to get you thinking about the WHY….
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The Gong

I was working at an Adult Day Service and we had a drummer coming in once a week to teach the staff, whomever wanted to learn, how to facilitate drum circles, so when he left they could carry on. One day, we were loading in all his drums and…

Things To Do Word Search

My Mom loved Word Searches. Every time I saw a new one I would buy it for her. After a while I had to start looking for the JUMBO print ones. I thought I would make a word search of some things your loved one can do. And share…

Filling in the Blanks

Sometimes we think that any behavior of a person living with dementia is so odd and not normal. When actually we all have the same reactions at times. Just because they are living with dementia does not mean they are so different than we are, and visa versa….
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