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Know-How in "Being Safe"

Risk is a part of life, yet what safety measures can we put into place that don’t take away dignity?

Body Mechanics: Sitting to Standing

Sometimes a person you are caring for may need assistance standing. They may not always need help. It may be because they have been sitting for a while and just can’t “get going” as my Mom used to say. Or maybe they don’t feel well. Or maybe they have…

Body Mechanics: Talking to Yourself

It may sound silly. But thinking through the steps you need to take before you do them can help you out in a lot of situations. Watch as Tina thinks through the (seemingly) simple task of helping Alphie stand up and come to the table for lunch. SIDE NOTE:…

Body Mechanics: What to do if someone falls?

It’s probably going to happen at some point. Someone may trip on the edge of a rug or over their shoes or maybe they just lose their balance as they are stepping off a curb. It is good to know what to do if it does happen….
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