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“Grief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of joy
you must have somebody to divide it. ”

Mark Twain

Whether your joy cascades from you or you need a little help to find where it is hiding, this is for you. Share this page with someone who needs it.

Please send us joyful stories, memes, jokes or pictures of cute animals and we will post them!

Send Joy

Please attach your file (jpg and png only please), and we will upload it to our gallery.

Would you rather just send a link? Just place it in the comment box!

We’d love to know WHYLet’s say a person living with dementia is upset we give them some ice cream and they are okay, then they are upset again. We can’t keep giving them ice cream, we need to find out the WHY. Why are they upset? If we don’t look for the WHY in any situation we will continue to solve everything with band-aids… More this brought you joy… tell us below!

Also, please tell us where you you found this… we need to make attribution to its creator… add a link, if possible.

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pooh and piglet

Pooh + Piglet

Far Side



Holding baby

Cows and Cars

Cat plunging


Calvin + Hobbes

Pooh quote

Pooh… room in your heart


Running hamster


I used to be indecisive…

Chris + pooh

C. Robin + Pooh

Laugh at yourself


Mouse holding toy

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pooh and piglet