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My Mom passed away several years ago. She lived with us and us with her for over 10 years. During the last few years she wrote her name on everything. Her full name, Virginia Lea Stobbe and sometimes Virginia Lea Cowell Stobbe. It was on the bottom of her favorite coffee mug, bottom of bowls, inside puzzle books, on her brush and in every Shel Silverstein book we own. I think she did it because she grew up in the depression and hardly owned anything that was just hers. Sometimes I forget she did this.
The other day, I was looking for a twist tie and there mixed in with my pot holders and oven mitts was a very old worn baggie with at least 30 twist ties that said Twist ties for Karen in marker all over one side of the bag and Virginia Lea Stobbe on the other side.
That was a wave. And I am so glad she had saved those for me.

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