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Being in the Moment is a FREE resource for family and friends of those living with dementia.

We understand.  We have been family caregivers.

We are here to help make the quality of life better for you and your loved one.

On our site, you will find answers, tips, ideas, knowledge, suggestions and coping mechanisms to get you from Morning to Night and everything in between.

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Give a ticket

Have you ever noticed how many older people are sitting in cars at grocery stores? We break glass for dogs who are left in cars. We call the police. Which I would do too if I saw a pup sitting in a hot car. But we leave our Moms and Dads and Grandparents sitting in cars while we “run” into the store. Some with the car running, some with the windows down. Some look scared, worried, or anxious. Please bring them in the store with you. They enjoy seeing other people and it’s good exercise to walk around. Here’s a short video about it.

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A baggie of twist ties

My Mom passed away several years ago. She lived with us and us with her for over 10 years. During the last few years she wrote her name on everything. Her full name, Virginia Lea Stobbe and sometimes Virginia Lea Cowell Stobbe. It was on the bottom of her favorite coffee mug, bottom of bowls, inside puzzle books, on her brush and in every Shel Silverstein book we own. I think she did it because she grew up in the depression and hardly owned anything that was just hers. Sometimes I forget she did this.The other day, I was looking for a twist tie and there mixed in with my pot holders and oven mitts was a very old worn baggie with at least 30

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Latest Quotes

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't being said.

Peter F. Drucker